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Central bursary welfare forum applications portal

This application form takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and must be submitted together with all the required documents by 10 January 2019.

We recommend that you scan the following documents now, before proceeding with the application process:

  • 1) Matric results, if you intend studying at a University for the first time ever
  • 2) University results, if you were a student at University
  • 3) Proof of income of the parent(s) AND/OR an affidavit if any of them are deceased/unemployed / etc.
You will not be able to submit this form unless you have attached the required documents!

Failure to submit the required documents may result in your application being rejected

Personal Information

Home Address*

Details of Parent/ Guardian(s)

Details of University

Details of Organizations you received a Bursary in 2018

Kindly tick all the organizations from whom you received a bursary in 2018 (even if only a part bursary)

Details of organization you are applying for Bursary in 2019

Kindly tick all the organizations you are applying to for a bursary in 2019

Kindly list other organizations you have applied to for a bursary for 2018 if not on the above list

Matric Results

Financial Details

Please provide details for one month i.e. as at the end of November 2015.

A) Household Income

B) Household Expenses

Note: you may be required to provide proof and/or supporting document for above

C) Assets and Liabilities of Applicant

Declaration Regarding Financial Information



DON'T give one word answers!

Don't Google your answer - it will show at interview.


Don't exaggerate!

Upload Documents

Please Upload Document According to your Choice

  • 1) For Matric Students:- Upload Matric Result,Proof of Acceptance at University,Quotation from University
  • 2) For University Students:- University Result, Fee Statement for previous year, Fee Statement for Coming year
  • 3) If student is employed then upload Pay slip


General Declaration

  • 1) I will devote my time to my studies as long as I am a member of the Bursary Programme.
  • 2) I will send my examination results and fees statements every semester.
  • 3) I will participate in the programmes and activities organized, e.g. youth camps, community outreach programmes, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • 4) I will try to assist in the development of my community and country after I qualify.
  • 5) Upon my graduation, I will participate in the Graduates Association.
  • 6) My parent(s) / guardian(s) / spouse are not in a financial position to support my education.
  • 7) Unless it stipulates "loan" I understand that I am applying for a Zakah bursary.
  • 8) I hereby grant the sponsor(s) permission to pay my fees directly to the institution(s) concerned.
  • 9) All the information in this Application Form, including attachments and documents are correct.
  • 10) I understand that this is only an application for a bursary and by submitting this application I am not assured and/or guaranteed of a bursary and cannot hold the participating organizations and/or its partners/donors accountable for not granting me a bursary.
  • 11) I will be expected to sign a consent form with the respective organizations(s) should I be considered for a bursary.
  • 12) I authorize the respective organizations to use my details, photograph and academic records for networking with other organizations and promoting the bursary programme.

Pledge for Applicant*
In promise too comply with the rules and regulations pretaining to the Bursary Programme.